There is a memorial to the freedom fighters who are neglected in the Mateli tea garden.

By | February 9, 2020

Bangladesh started its independence as an independent state in the war of liberation. During that war The warriors were trained in the field of the statue division of the Metelli Tea Garden on the Meteli block. Now that field is bizarre Has become a cultivated field. The memorial of the freedom fighters made in the field is neglected. In fact, the garden authorities have started cultivating JCB in the field.

Nagrakatra – Mukar Munda, Mikali Panchayat Association president Bikram Runda visited the field recently. Shukra Munda said, “At any cost, those fields and monuments that have been deformed by history must be preserved. I saw the tea garden authorities started cultivating JCB in the field. The matter has been reported to the Jalpaiguri district ruler.

We will take the initiative to protect the field. Steps will also be taken to bring the field to the tourist map. However, the authorities have denied the move to occupy the field. SS Dillon, manager of the Metelli Tea Garden, said the field was named after the garden.

We are the government Pay rent We have no record of being a historical field. We are cultivating there for the benefit of the garden. The orientation is completely baseless. – According to local sources, the warriors from this field participated in the liberation war through training. At that time rooftop planes also landed. Later, even though Bangladesh was independent, the freedom fighters of India and Bangladesh could not forget about the history of the field.

Senior freedom fighters in the last decade Came to the field Once under the supervision and administrative initiative of the Indian Army, the freedom fighters were brought to this field. There were also commemoration ceremonies.

Past The freedom fighters have stopped coming for 3-5 years. With the advent of locals, the garden authorities have begun the process of using the field for their own work. As a result, the history of the liberated warriors is remembered, stories In the face of deletion today.

He said, I heard from the roof. The freedom fighters were trained. The aircraft also landed on the ground. There are two monuments on the ground. The previous owner used to lend a hand to the field. After the arrival of the new owner, the land has begun to be cultivated on that land. Field Tourism | I demand to be brought to the map. Malik sub-divisional ruler Vivek Kumar said the matter will be investigated and action will be taken. Metallic Acting land reform officer Dipankar Roy said the matter would be investigated and informed to the higher authorities.

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