The state has given 20 crore to build Alipurduar University infrastructure.

By | February 9, 2020

The state government has given a grant of Tk 20 crore for the construction of Alipurduar University infrastructure. Sourav Chakraborty, a MLA from Alipurduar, gave that money [in a press conference] on Monday. On Tuesday, MLAs, district governors and members of the architecture committee will visit the university’s land in Alipurduar College area. Sourav Chakraborty, MLA from Alipurduar, said that next two years Of this, Tila will be built on a full-fledged infrastructure of Alipurduar University at Tk 20 crore. Besides, initiatives are being taken to start reading.

News about financial approval for the new university is coming Spread in Gaeta district. Veterans, however, think the money is a surprise before the two gifts in the district. Alipurduar University bill was passed in the state assembly on October 7 last year. A gazette notification for the proposed Alipurdur University from Kolkata also came out at that time. Shortly thereafter, Alipurduar College authorities sent all the papers of their college to the state through the District Collector.

Education Minister Perth Chattopadhyay was happy to see the papers. The education minister hated the formation of a search committee. The minister informed that classes will be started at Alipurduar University from July last year. But | Even after so many months the university started classes away from it, the state government did not take any initiative in building infrastructure or niyag the other office-bearers including the vice-chancellor. Various questions arise in the governing body over the matter. Farewells issue the last Laksa Vet promotion.

However, a few months ago, the Higher Education Department also allocated money for the construction of the university’s border. The money has already begun to be used for the construction of the border crossings. | Alipurduar district Mildul of Trinamool has been working for the overall development of the Gaita district, including education, health, road drinking and drinking water. He also surrounded the university in the district. This time, he received a grant of Tk 20 million for the development of the university’s infrastructure. We hope to start studying in the university within the next one year.

BJP district president Gangaprasad Sharma said the university would be a good talk. We also want to hack the professors and other staff involved with the infrastructure of the colleges in the district as well as the university. A huge money infrastructure will also be created for the university. But I have to go to work so that the money does not come in the money again.

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