The Roseville scandal. Shahrukh’s company property confiscated

By | February 9, 2020

The Central Investigation Agency, Enforcement Directorate, on Sunday seized property worth Tk 1 crore along with actor Shah Rukh Khan’s company in Razavali Kand. The seized property includes Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders as well as St Xavier’s College and Multiple Resorts Private Limited. One of the seized properties is Razavali Mandir Resort. Simultaneously, they seized 5 acres of the monastery and 5 acres of land at St Xavier’s College in Newtown, Rajarhat. Ed. ED officials also seized property of Ramnagar in East Midnapore.

The Roseville scandal. Shahrukh's company property confiscated

Three bank accounts of these three companies have been confiscated. In the Financial Deprivation Act. Three crore of these three accounts have been recovered. Three thousand square feet of flats were also seized in Mumbai. It has been reported. So far, the landowners have seized more than two and a half billion taka properties in the name of the company. According to ED sources, Razavali has raised over Tk 8 billion from the market.

Customers have not received any more money since maturity. This is Gautam Kundu, one of the owners of Razavali, was arrested by ED on the basis of his intention. He is still in jail. Gautam as well as his wife Actress Shubhra Kundu also runs several organizations. It also has the ‘jewelry store’, Adriza. Twenty-two stores in the jewelry business in 20 | Officials of Idri seized many documents from the area. Shuvra was interrogated later that year. Some documents were seized from him. In this case the ED | Kolkata and Bhubaneswar have filed chargesheets in several cases.

Mate owns a property worth Tk. Property of Kolkata Knight Riders. Property of Multiple Resorts Private Limited. Reservoir’s downtown resort. 3 acres of land in Mahishdal. 1 acre of St. Xavier’s College in Newtown. Property of Ramnagar in East Midnapore. Three bank bok accounts of three companies. Three crore of the three accounts have been recovered. 1 sq ft flat in Mumbai.

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