The hassle of submitting electricity bills is about to end Starting prepaid meter

By | February 9, 2020

The trouble with the submission of electricity bills is about to end this time. There will be no more headaches over arrears. According to mobile and digital dis TV, recharge system is being introduced in the power distribution company. The company is coming to prepaid meters or smart meters. It can be recharged to use electricity at home or from anywhere. Recharge will be available on the basis of customers.

Power Minister Shavandev Chattopadhyay is scheduled to hold an important high-level meeting on the issue later this month. First, the power distribution company sources said that it is likely to operate in the district headquarters of major cities of North Bengal such as Siliguri, Malda, Koch Bihar and Jalpaiguri. In this regard, Power Minister Shavandev Chattopadhyay said on Saturday, “Preparation metering system is being discussed. The system is operational in Newtown and Saltlayak, Kolkata.

A meeting will be held with the office bearers, engineers at the end of this month on the issue of execution at various places in the state. There will be a detailed discussion. It will be a great idea to know how much you need to do when you are going to launch it. West Bengal State Power Distribution. The company’s main public relations authority is world-class. Mukherjee said, “Kolkata has a prepaid meter.

These meters can be found throughout the state. However it is ethical Subject. The decision depends on what the government decides.

– State Power Department sources said, prepaid The introduction of meter or smart meter system has started with 2 designs. Apart from the two areas of Kolkata, there is still no advanced modern system in this state. In the first case, the major cities of the state and northern Bengal = The system can be turned on in the area. But all that matters Is in the early stages. The Power Department is scheduled to hold a meeting in the last week of this month Power Minister of the State Shavandev Chattopadhyay.

There will be a meeting with various officials of the office including all concerned. If this system is introduced, the customers will have the same facilities as well as the facilities of the department. It will solve the problem of pending arrears. The staff will also need less.

If the prepaid meter is installed, consumers will recharge using electricity. Customers can even know how much money is being spent, how much money is still on the meter. Consumers will be in control of electricity use. Prepaid meters are also mentioned in the central government budget. The center plans to launch this system within the next three years in the country.

Consumers have billions of electricity bills in their districts. Only in Koch Bihar district is Bakare The amount has exceeded 1 crore. Gaeta North Bengal | There are currently over Rs. This is outstanding

The Chief Minister of the Khaled State also appealed multiple times to the Met. – Tell me. Receiving arrears without breaking the line. The power department sources said it was not going. Now Electricity department officials say the problem will be greatly reduced if recharge system is used to use electricity.

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