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Saurav Ganguly

Sourav Ganguly set to be named as new BCCI New president

Meeting in round-the-clock meetings with prospective board candidates from the capital, arriving in Mumbai from noon to noon. … In any country in the world, there is no such tension with the panel of the administration of cricket in the past. Has there ever been such a fight for the title of administration in Indian cricket?

Saurav Ganguly
Saurav Ganguly – Instagram

The simple answer is no, because the legendary cricketers like Sourav Gangopadhyay and the top leadership of the BJP… running for the post of Bird… go away. There is an unpleasant attitude of Narayana Swasinabhi Shivnivas as I was in the capital yesterday.

Since the meeting of Sourav Gangopadhyay with the late Home Minister Amit Sha, there was a lot of speculation. Maharaj But then Srini’s backs had gone backsliding. Instead, I was almost certain to be the president of the board. In such a situation, the sudden change of pot at midnight. Sourav Gangopadhyay is going to be the president of the board, and Jai Sha is going to be secretary. However, Arup Singh Dhumano, brother of Anurag Thakur along with Jai Sha, as secretary

The clash continued 1 However, in the last episode’s surprise self … Bird’s … Arun I, who has been involved with the Gujarati cricket company for a long time, will submit his nomination tomorrow. I will be the next general candidate for Bardar tomorrow.

Last Day of Submission of Nomination 1 Today, representatives of cricket agencies in almost all the states of the country will visit Mumbai’s Nariman Point. The meeting was supposed to take place at 3 pm, but the meeting started demanding a change in the situation after 9pm.

No, Ravada’s mother has also been dragged on. Ray did not support the vote bank of the north-eastern region of the country At night, the situation turned around 3 degrees. In the first step, there was some information about Sourav’s reason for withdrawing. 1 Yesterday, the official of Pankaj Swanabh Jangwa was joined by Amit Shasta, who had joined BJP in the Congress administration’s wharf.

Sourav’s attitude is’ <… news that Amit Shaw did not like bird politics, though I absolutely thought Sourav Boundary had gone out… not because he… nay 1 source, instead of the chairman of the board, the Maharaja was appointed to the IPL governing council. Sourav did not agree However, the last laugh of the Maharaja


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