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Postpaid service was Restarted in Kashmir vally but even though the internet is inactive

Srinagar, Oct 15: Residents of Kashmir who took the phone had left. The only rule is to keep the battery charged. On Monday, nearly two and a half months of unused phone wakes up and wakes up in Kashmir. The voice of people familiar with the above says the mobile service has been launched in the past. Kashmir 3 smiles at the opening of the phone

Finally, BSNL’s mobile service has been launched in Kashmir since Monday Valley has been awakened after hearing a cellphone ringtone since Monday after a long shutdown Partial wake-up has started after 3 days of blockade Although the Internet service has not yet been launched in the Valley Local residents said they were relieved at the decision.

They had a lot of problems with the whole country being isolated from public places In breadcrumbs… the tension was 5 The daily activities of Shikoya get up On Saturday, Governor Satyapriya Malik said, “One lakh postpaid mobile phones are being launched.

However, 2 million prepaid mobile phones and internet services are not being launched at the moment Claiming that there was a need to shut down the phone and net services in the valley to control the law and order situation … “The governor said,” In neighboring Pakistan, the dig is also trying to make noise … with militants and separatists.

So we have to be extra careful 1 as soon as possible to normalize the life of the whole valley There will be no diplomacy in trying to make it happen.

Decisions are being made on the basis of all scrutiny with the safety of the common people “Postpaid mobile phones have been rolled out in six districts as the service has been introduced in the administration 1. He claimed that the phone line was of Kashmiris Not important to the militants is the use of mobile phones to make Lapataka indecent Last month, BSNL’s landline service was launched in the Valley, where it is reported that there are 3 million landlines.

The tourism ban was lifted last Thursday On the go and the people move, the ban is lifted Before the shops, schools and colleges were opened, the administration was requested by the administration to return to normal living with various advertisements published from Srinagar.

As a result, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is slowly returning to normal Some, however, claim that very few people use the BSNL service in the valley As a result, most people continue to suffer until the private phone service is launchedy


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