Payment of pension scheme is mandatory in the organized field

By | February 9, 2020

Organized | Field workers pension scheme The Center is going to make the mandatory. Central It has been reported that all of the NGOs This step should be taken to ensure that the employee pays for the pension scheme Being Everyone thinks of the pension scheme. * Flexibility will be maintained in Binayag. In this case, the minimum investment amount is 5 Taka. Union Finance Secretary Rajiv Kumar said that an auto-enrollment system will be created for the working people.

In the organized field, it is possible to deposit money in a pension scheme without having to rush to work. Will get Employers are also employees Can deposit money in the project. A minimum deposit of 1 taka can be kept. How much money Keep it fixed by the staff. How Money can be kept in the project for a few days The rules in will be rubbed off. Now those | Young people think about their future pension Make it compulsory to deposit money in the project. Rajiv Kumar said that was happening.

Currently, there is a provision of provident fund for organized field workers. The money that the staff deposits on this project It is credited to two accounts. One is | Employee Provident Fund (EPF) and | The other is the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS). EPF accounts for 12 percent of a worker’s basic salary. The respective companies are also * EPFs with 5.2 percent of that 12 percent Deposits money And 1.5 percent money. | Submitted to EPS. Thus on behalf of the organization

Proceeds from the employee’s base salary = equal to the amount in the Provident Fund scheme Is accumulated. The money deposited in the EPF is fixed

There is good reason to pick up. Pension – In the case of oil money for the project, however, many pension schemes have been mandated by Binayag for long periods of time. The future of millions of workers is expected to be safe – Finance Minister thinks.

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