From archery to weightlifting Tokyo Sina wants Chanu

By | February 9, 2020

The handkerchief became an archer in the opinion of the cat. Became a scumbag And Now he is looking at him in India. After the World Championship, what is the Olympics? Mirabai Chanu is in Kolkata. Arrived on Sunday night. This morning, it appeared before the morning to be present at the Khudiram practice center. That’s where the semester began.

From archery to weightlifting Tokyo Sina wants Chanu

National Weightlifting Competition. Just before he went to the Asian Championship, he just came here to wrap himself up. But there is no room to show the slightest negligence, he and his coach Vijay Sharma have explained. Chanu spent an hour training under the strict supervision of the coach. At 4pm

On the way to Hetel on the way. They gave. Because, Tuesday is right. At the same time, India is claiming one of India’s medals at the upcoming Olympics. Chanu’s coach Vijay Sharma said, ‘The reason for his participation in this national weight loss contest is to take some tests. And in the words of Mirabai himself, ‘I want to get myself a little better before going to the Asian Championships in April. So here’s to participating. Very important Last time I didn’t go well, I want to make everyone happy. Chanu’s target, now weighing in at 212-22 kg. And his coach says, ‘In what seems like so far 20 to 20 at the Olympics Sena’s medal in kg of oil

Will come Slowly let Mira do that Have to reach the place. ‘ Mira also said that I still weighed up to 20kg. Here I will try 202-20 oil. Because, in the Asian Championship, I will be aiming for 20kg of oil. It is not possible to gain a lot of weight at once. The Asian Championship is now in Kazakhstan. So Mira will be there with the coach two weeks before the tournament. But he said, “We have fine amenities here. There is no way to go abroad for training. Now we have. Very good infrastructure in Patiala camp So there is no need to train abroad. Earlier, Mary Kom received the Olympic medal from Manipur.

The new Padma Shree became the Bembem Devi and Glasgow in that state Bala Devi, a female footballer, has brightened the face of the country by rushing to the Rangers. So what now? Another Manipuri daughter’s turn to hug? After hearing the question. Mirror, they smile one-on-one. Each one has proved himself. | Large size playground

Everybody In fact women in Manipur | There is a lot of encouragement in the sport. I will try to maintain their reputation. [To keep. There is more to talk about He asked, ‘Our class is taught biography of Kunjrani Devi.

Then one with weightlifting My interest is made. I am then I used to be archery. Then one day Going to a camp. I see the Goddess doing weightlifting. Only then did the interest arise. Then there – he was my coach for 20. Then come to Vijay sir. ‘

Vijay Sharma said that the technician has made a lot of progress. Especially after the clean and jerk fixes, but before the match he told himself the exact match. For some reason the Rio Olympics did not seem to be doing well. “For the first time ever, I was a little nervous going to the Olympics,” he said. I could not make up my mind. Moreover, I could not improve the technique. But it has been the biggest gain since coming to Sir. He did not agree to make the Rio Olympics wrong. And his oath is now a dream all over India.

Meanwhile, this day is National | The federation came to power

Turns out, in addition to Mirbai, they seem to be able to earn at least two Olympic PRO quotas. In which you are. Rakhi Haldar of Bengal too.

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