Forest Protection Committee arranged for irrigation to protect the forests

By | February 9, 2020

Due to lack of irrigation in many villages in Chilapata plantation, a portion of the farmers have been dry for so long. The season is dependent on the forest. Was. They used to collect wood in the dry season. Due to this, there was a risk to forest property in their lives. So, this time, the Forest Protection Committee has established a system of irrigation in the villages of Nepali slums

North Simlabari, West Simlabari and East Simlabari to protect the forests and wildlife. The Simlabari-Chilata forest conservation committee has allocated around Tk 4 lakh for irrigation in about 3 bighas of land. For this money, five shala pumps are being installed. Three solar lights should also be installed. Alipurduar-1 Block Co-Operative Officer Ajit Roy said, in those villages • farmers without rice for lack of irrigation

Other crops could be cultivated that way. No The Forest Protection Committee was pleased to take this initiative for irrigation. Now, there will be no problem in cultivating the dry season. Several villages of Patalakhawa village panchayat in the Lalipurduar-1 block have been planted with chilapata forests. Farming is the main occupation of the people living in this village, a tribal population. In villages, there are small rivers and irrigation systems. So in the dry season, many leave the farming and enter the jungle | Collect fuel. The timber mafiars also exploit this needle. Cut down jungle trees using. Repeatedly with administration, including the Department of Agriculture.

Despite the irrigation application, the farmers did not say anything. This is the problem Silabari Forest Protection Committee has taken initiative to solve the problem. In the last phase of the financial year, the committee has allocated The money This money is being pumped into four shawls with four villages in the vicinity. In this electric powered pump, the pumps will be operated by the occupants. Through it four | About 5 bighas of village irrigated on agricultural land Water will reach. In addition to the villages | Three solar lanes will also be installed.

For this, the forest protection committee has allocated Tk 5,000. This is the Forest Protection Committee to boost the agricultural economy of the area The farmers thanked the initiative. Jayabhadur Rai Longkar of Nepali slum. Cultivate. He also has a garden of betel nut. He said that due to lack of irrigation, farming is hitting. Irrigation pumps now sit in the shed The problem will be no more. Sitaram Oraon in North Shimlabari has four big beans and two Bigha has grown corn. He is also Appreciated the initiative. The President of the Forestry Committee concerned Molin Kurzio has cultivated maize on three bighas of land.

Molinabu said, this time, maize cultivation has increased in these villages. But the farmers were afraid to kill the crops due to irrigation. So this initiative has been taken. Ashaq Karzi, a member of the North Shimlabari Panchayat, said, “I myself cultivated maize in that area. There is a big banana garden. Due to lack of irrigation, the crop was wasting away. Forest conservation. The committee took initiative for irrigation. Besides me, thousands of farmers in the area will benefit.

Bit Sanat Shur said, “Farming was hit due to lack of irrigation in these villages. The villages are forested. Neighborhood residents have a strong financial base to protect forests and wildlife. That money is being spent on irrigation. “The lack of irrigation in this dry season – for the absence of agriculture – is why so many people in the area go into the jungle for a long time,” said Malin Karzi, president of the Forest Protection Committee.

Would go The loss was due to forest resources. – Now it is possible to curb this trend. Will be Because, once irrigation is provided, everyone will concentrate on agriculture. This is how the socio-economic development of the area is done with the money of the Forest Protection Committee. The forest will also be protected and people of the area will be saved.

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