Despite the cost, SMKP is having trouble with cricket cricket on the school grounds

By | February 9, 2020

The First Division Cricket League of the Shiliguri Subdivision Sports Council (SMKP) began this year at Tarapad Adarsh ​​Vidyalaya. The league is going on there until the 5th of January, starting on the 5th of December. – Then, from February 1, there will be a return to the match of the league.

Cricket Secretary Jayant Bhowmick said. But | Jayantababu said it would be difficult to match the Cricket League right now after using an event management firm for parking the Tarai school grounds on Sunday.

SMKP secretary Aruparatan Ghese has expressed his anger over the uneven ground conditions. “The cricket secretary told me nothing about it. But you are angry about the condition of the field. Why spend the whole season there, even after spending time building a field? ‘ Assistant Secretary Monage Verma again. State Tourism Minister Gautam Dev has warned that the problem will be solved by raising the ears. “From Siliguri, the two are representing the country in international cricket,” he said. Such an event is unfortunate for that city. Tarai grounds were created for the first Division Cricket League at the expense of the Council. Still, the game is not being played there.

If Siliguri is well known in the game, everyone is proud. Still, why is the playground abbessa? Tourism Minister Gautam Dev arranged for a border wall so that the ground was not damaged. I | Let him know about this problem. Tarai school teacher-in-charge incharge Bhaduri, however, said that the first division cricket at the Terai school grounds from SMKP. Let him know if the league will be offered later Did not His comments, “After the completion of the first leg of the league on our field, there was no index on the next corner. The annual sports at our school Has been on the field. The Subrata Sangha was held on February 8-29. Cricket has taken the field for a rematch.

That is why they tell us they will fix the field themselves. Tarai did not comply with the school’s authority to inform the league about the next index at the school grounds. The cricket secretary has taken over. At the same time, Jayantabu said, we have had to postpone the game despite the schedule. We have repeatedly got into trouble with cricket due to lack of field.

This problem can be solved only after getting the field for 12 months cricket. Damage has tried to control Tarai school management association president and local councilor Swapan Das. Says, ‘We are in the request of the event management company I gave the school grounds for car parking. | They did not understand that they would do so in the field. I am trying to contact the company’s authorities if there is any way to compensate. Then I will pay the money to Puranigam To renovate the field.

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