Condemnation of teacher torture

By | February 9, 2020

I see the grassroots leader in Siliguri. And the staff is a bit confused. Full-bodied Such confusion before Tate is very worrying for any party. You must be thinking of a picnic parade among the grassroots leaders in the city. Moving, where is the confusion among the grassroots workers in that city! I would say, if you have a curiosity about politics, there is no need to back down.

Condemnation of teacher torture

You If you were in the grassroots then you would understand the source of confusion. Where is Well, tell me once, where those who want to get a Purvette ticket will go? Of the grassroots. Core committee chairman Gautam Dev’s house, or to the district president Ranjan Sarkar? Who has the power to give tickets? If you ask me, I would say, Ranjan Sarkar is a little behind in this case There are He has long been the district president. | But still the district committee could not be formed.

He depends on the signal. From Kolkata Knowing what kind of signal will come How happy or unhappy Gautam Dev would be. He has to calculate a lot. And we fall into such trap. Ours. How many barbaric events occur in front, how many primitive atrocities. We can know the words, however, of the middle class. Busy those events go away. As it happened. Gangarampur in south Dinajpur. For those who don’t know, haven’t read the paper or seen it on TV, more Writing is important once. Work has started on a 5 meter long road from Nandanpur to Hapunia in Gangarampur block.

The panchayat has decided that the road will go over the land of a local school teacher. But the teacher protested Tell me Sitting on the street. Get there on the news Go to the deputy head of Panchayat. There is no need to say that the Deputy Prime Minister is the grassroots. In the grassland There are many local zamindars like Mamata. The Bandyopadhyay brand has a plan for ink planting. I sometimes find that there are many leaders in the grassroots who are at the feet of Mamata Banerjee.

He has taken the soil erosion scheme. If you get the chance, the squad. Whatever the case, the vice-principal is the sub-chief. Of the village Deputy Prime Minister. He went to the teacher’s leg and dragged the rope and locked it in the room. I wonder if this subtitle looks like any Hindi movie. He learned this, or he was born like that. Heroic? He has such heroism in booth occupation, terrorism, raids and oppression of women. Can be seen They will be discovered later. But I see many grassroots leaders are foolish about this incident. Wondering? Don’t be.

That is how it goes in politics. If it is known, that teacher is oppressed. He has been involved with the BJP, incidentally Such indifference is seen among the leaders. – I would tell all those leaders, at least once you forget the colors of the flag, get out of the bounds of party politics and think in the opinion of ordinary people. Hate the men who dominate the society The primitive savagery has taken the path. If anyone in the team this is the case.

Support it People raise two hands Bless you Persecution that persuades people. No, there are so many examples in history. A little Hard to read books. If there is no book in the house, then | There are many book fairs in the district, go there and find it difficult. Otherwise, when the leader, there must be a smartphone in hand. Read on Google. In civilized society. You need to know a little about what people want, how they behave. Only Zindabad, Zindabad will happen? Visit Whoever wins it will win. If there are forces with it then | What is the difficulty.

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