At present, I do not know when I can return home when it is difficult to get a visa.

By | February 9, 2020

I do not understand anything from where it happened. The Kareena virus has infected us. I came to Taiwan to study Environmental Engineering. After the first year, I am now a second year final year student at Taiwan University. All of a sudden, everything is going well. The advent of the Kareena virus has left us anxious about the norm. Virus We have to be very careful all the time to avoid the disaster. In the face of obligation. Masks and gloves are always on hand.

Eating Amish is completely discontinued. Which. Eat all boiled. Yet where can I avoid the terror! The university’s professors, management authorities and academics have always dared to avoid problems Going to wake up The main building of the University.

The boys and girls have a hostel on the side. We are two Indians in Environmental Engineering combining two hostels Studying Each of us is second. Yearbook In my opinion my classmates Priya, Trisha, Madhuja, Anindya are also very worried. Our Chinese classmates at the university. – Go home on New Year’s holiday. They are no longer returning to Taiwan after the Kareena virus spread. But we have no choice but to return home. In Taiwan, however, efforts are being made to prevent the spread of the virus.

An anti-virus system has been provided. Precautionary measures are being taken in the city as well as in the villages. The university authorities are searching us every day at the hostel. Our medical checkup is being done in Prayon. We have not yet found any problems with it. That’s it.

We always are I am keeping an eye on various news media including TV, News Parental. Take precautionary measures to prevent the spread of viral rage. Various news media are constantly reporting what will happen. Our Final Year Exam | It’s not too late. This time we are about to break free. But the virus | Fear has always been in the head. Don’t want to be in Taiwan for a moment. | We are all in the country as soon as possible Want to return Remember the Resident Evil movie? That’s the T-virus strain – story?

The Kareena virus is often remembered in the movie. My father is Gautam Pal and mother. Jayanti Pal is a lawyer in both. We are resident of Raikatpara in Jalpaiguri. Our family is well known in the city. I came to Taiwan to study. Many people in the city know.

Our neighbors have also become worried over parents’ knowledge of the outbreak of the Chinese virus. I’m talking with my parents at Ragee HatsApp. That’s it Most of the caries are not viruses. Even if you want to return home as many as 20 porters At present, I do not know when I can return home when it is difficult to get a visa.

If you can, parents move to Taiwan. But. It is not possible for them to come to Taiwan because of the strict restrictions imposed on them. Yet that By the way, I told my dad to take me back home My father has already sought the intervention of Dr. Jayant Roy, MP. If the problem is not resolved, they will visit Delhi soon and meet Prime Minister Narendra Maedi and inform him about me. Please ask me about the administrative steps to get him home.

I believe that if the government intervenes, this problem will be solved. Now I’m always keeping an eye on the mobile phone screen. Parents. I hope the phone will bring some good news. By the way, the hack is now home. I want to spend the rest of my days relaxed. I want to spend some time without forgetting the terror of the past few days. I’ll return to Taiwan later if the situation is normal.

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