About Us

The News Rader is a leading online news platform of India that projects to deliver on time news and happenings of Bollywood, Entertainment, Sports, Politics and many more news . A team of an experienced and trained journalist is dedicated to serving all our readers with latest and trending happening all around the nation.

It was the year 2019 when a group of journalist cum bloggers from the India decided to create a non-biased news platform for all news readers across the world. With the passage of time, the platform turned popular and hence team thought to expand this service of reliable news to India as well with the Indian Edition of The News Rader (thenewsrader.in)

Nothing hyper-logical or fake, The News Reader believes in providing modest and most recent happenings. The continuous news serving on the website makes us reliable among millions of news readers all across the globe. From our perspective, we promise to create coverage of all recent happenings of above-mentioned sections.

Our Motive

Here at The News Recorder, our motive is to serve all our readers with all the happenings and news all across the nation. We aim to create a non-biased news platform to a wide range of news readers of India.