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What a legend! Cristiano Ronaldo nets 700th career goal


London, Oct 16: England remain just one point behind Bulgaria’s half-time lead to the 2021 Euro Cup, but Gareth Southgate’s England football team, despite the rallying comments on the day of such a big win.

The referee was forced to temporarily close the match once England were leading 2-1 at the Vasil Levesky Stadium in Sofia. When the organizers of the stadium’s public sound system announced on behalf of the Bulgarian organizers, the opposition of local supporters in the gallery was commenting squarely for English footballers, especially those whose color is not white.

The European Football Association (UEFA) 1 and the Bulgarian entrepreneur of the match could face severe penalties for the match.

Markus Ashford and Ross Berkeley were on target for England Ross Berkeley’s second goal of the match then England closed the second referee match for the second time, with England leading by five goals. At the time, Crete referee Evan Babek of the match called on two team footballers and caching staff at one place. Because of that same gallery, the Bulgarian supporters were to paint the color of their hair for the black fluteballers of England! Nevertheless, England lost three more goals without losing focus in this match England coach Southgate said: “I think England … and: With today’s win, we have been able to deliver two messages First

we won this match very well in the previous match Secondly, I was able to make everyone aware of the situation in the stadium The match has been temporarily closed twice due to poor viewers But the rest of us, a large number of people, have kept the situation normal from the party. However, a statement from the English Football Association (FA) and

Flintballers said: “We have been subjected to racist comments on the field while playing this match and demand the UEFA to investigate the entire incident. ‘Not many stops in England, such as Yashford, Rahim St 1 Ling, Harry Maguire, and Twitter have commented on Twitter. ‘YouthTable Fan’ doesn’t have football in prospect

English Juntballers made such comments on Twitter, saying: “Sorry to Bulgaria 1, thanks to the wonderful England fans for stopping the Bulgarian supporters.” After that, the football walking distance of the mind, the water may fall far away 1

Meanwhile, Borislav Mikhailov resigned from the Bulgarian Football Union’s Prescalt in the wake of the class action. He was forced to submit papers on Tuesday at the behest of Prime Minister Boyko Borisov.

On the other hand, members of the cabinet of England continue to defend Bulgaria footballers. England sportswriter Nigel Adams wrote on Twitter, “Racial discrimination should be eliminated from the game immediately. Hopefully UEFA will take strong action against Bulgaria, ‘said another minister, Luciana Berger,’ and everything should be stopped now. ‘

Postpaid service was Restarted in Kashmir vally but even though the internet is inactive

Image Credit- Yahoo News

Srinagar, Oct 15: Residents of Kashmir who took the phone had left. The only rule is to keep the battery charged. On Monday, nearly two and a half months of unused phone wakes up and wakes up in Kashmir. The voice of people familiar with the above says the mobile service has been launched in the past. Kashmir 3 smiles at the opening of the phone

Finally, BSNL’s mobile service has been launched in Kashmir since Monday Valley has been awakened after hearing a cellphone ringtone since Monday after a long shutdown Partial wake-up has started after 3 days of blockade Although the Internet service has not yet been launched in the Valley Local residents said they were relieved at the decision.

They had a lot of problems with the whole country being isolated from public places In breadcrumbs… the tension was 5 The daily activities of Shikoya get up On Saturday, Governor Satyapriya Malik said, “One lakh postpaid mobile phones are being launched.

However, 2 million prepaid mobile phones and internet services are not being launched at the moment Claiming that there was a need to shut down the phone and net services in the valley to control the law and order situation … “The governor said,” In neighboring Pakistan, the dig is also trying to make noise … with militants and separatists.

So we have to be extra careful 1 as soon as possible to normalize the life of the whole valley There will be no diplomacy in trying to make it happen.

Decisions are being made on the basis of all scrutiny with the safety of the common people “Postpaid mobile phones have been rolled out in six districts as the service has been introduced in the administration 1. He claimed that the phone line was of Kashmiris Not important to the militants is the use of mobile phones to make Lapataka indecent Last month, BSNL’s landline service was launched in the Valley, where it is reported that there are 3 million landlines.

The tourism ban was lifted last Thursday On the go and the people move, the ban is lifted Before the shops, schools and colleges were opened, the administration was requested by the administration to return to normal living with various advertisements published from Srinagar.

As a result, the situation in Jammu and Kashmir is slowly returning to normal Some, however, claim that very few people use the BSNL service in the valley As a result, most people continue to suffer until the private phone service is launchedy

Sourav Ganguly set to be named as new BCCI New president

Saurav Ganguly
Saurav Ganguly - Instagram

Meeting in round-the-clock meetings with prospective board candidates from the capital, arriving in Mumbai from noon to noon. … In any country in the world, there is no such tension with the panel of the administration of cricket in the past. Has there ever been such a fight for the title of administration in Indian cricket?

Saurav Ganguly
Saurav Ganguly – Instagram

The simple answer is no, because the legendary cricketers like Sourav Gangopadhyay and the top leadership of the BJP… running for the post of Bird… go away. There is an unpleasant attitude of Narayana Swasinabhi Shivnivas as I was in the capital yesterday.

Since the meeting of Sourav Gangopadhyay with the late Home Minister Amit Sha, there was a lot of speculation. Maharaj But then Srini’s backs had gone backsliding. Instead, I was almost certain to be the president of the board. In such a situation, the sudden change of pot at midnight. Sourav Gangopadhyay is going to be the president of the board, and Jai Sha is going to be secretary. However, Arup Singh Dhumano, brother of Anurag Thakur along with Jai Sha, as secretary

The clash continued 1 However, in the last episode’s surprise self … Bird’s … Arun I, who has been involved with the Gujarati cricket company for a long time, will submit his nomination tomorrow. I will be the next general candidate for Bardar tomorrow.

Last Day of Submission of Nomination 1 Today, representatives of cricket agencies in almost all the states of the country will visit Mumbai’s Nariman Point. The meeting was supposed to take place at 3 pm, but the meeting started demanding a change in the situation after 9pm.

No, Ravada’s mother has also been dragged on. Ray did not support the vote bank of the north-eastern region of the country At night, the situation turned around 3 degrees. In the first step, there was some information about Sourav’s reason for withdrawing. 1 Yesterday, the official of Pankaj Swanabh Jangwa was joined by Amit Shasta, who had joined BJP in the Congress administration’s wharf.

Sourav’s attitude is’ <… news that Amit Shaw did not like bird politics, though I absolutely thought Sourav Boundary had gone out… not because he… nay 1 source, instead of the chairman of the board, the Maharaja was appointed to the IPL governing council. Sourav did not agree However, the last laugh of the Maharaja

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